2013 ICA Chess Camp Teaneck Week 5
Posted: 7/29/2013 | Results

ICA Scholastic Chess Camp Teaneck Location Week 5 Report:  Reenacting  Capablanca vs. Lasker!


The assignment for this week was to have our campers reenact the famous Capablanca vs. Lasker match from 1921 in a Charlie Chaplin like skit.  Stay tuned to our website to see the fruit of that labor.

In the regular tournament we had three sections and three winners.  Shrey was the winner for section three.  Jennifer Xu scored four out of six points and just beat out Charlie Coward to claim the section two trophy.  Grant Goldman went undefeated and swept section three.

The best students in each group were Lily Del Pilar in Solomon’s group (Lily really tried this week), Jennifer in Slava’s group (Jennifer just beat out Kento because she looked up and studied the Kasparov-Letterman game on her own at home), and Ariel in Ivette’s group (Ariel is the most well behaved boy OF ALL TIME!).

Jennifer also won the prize for problem solving, while Chance made the best effort of all our campers.  Ben again won the prize for best notation.

The blitz/bughouse winners were the “Poopsie-Doodles” led by Idan and including teammates Kento, and Abi.

The best athletes were (from youngest to oldest): Shrey, Grant, and Idan.

For relay races Idan’s team of the “Pretty Pink Unicorns 6.0” (Idan, Abi, Jeremy) was the penultimate winner.

The dodgeball winner was Idan, while Charli won the “Acting award” (The premise was who can read the inspirational speech from Rocky Balboa, that Sly Stallone reads to his son. The one with “the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…” Even though Idan read it the best-and even showed off by reading it in a Morgan Freeman style voice on his second attempt-Charli was the second best, and since Idan won more prizes she got that one.).

Miloni won the prize for art, while Mattis was deemed the friendliest camper.

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