2012 ICA Summer Chess Camp Week SEVEN Fair Lawn Report
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In order to take all students to Week 7, we have generated an additional group: Mini-Master Camp, and sent it (under Max’s supervision) to the additional building on Union Street, so Sergey's Master Camp was not so bored there in its splendid isolation. Max’s group worked on their own schedule until 5 pm, interfering with Day Camp only during daytime sports (and during Friday's Team Championship). Mini-Master Camp had his own tournament. Philip won 1st place, Nick was second, and Josh – third.
Since Josh left for master camp, Matthew, the youngest of the "Lerminators" brothers, had to replace him in the Section 3 with same participants from last week: Yisrael Moshe and Kai, as well as new ones: Sophie, Eric and Maurice. Lerman-junior with honor passed the test and took the first place! However, this time he could not avoid defeat: Matthew lost a curious game to Sophie. And the winner of this game has spent a ‘whole’ 1 minute (!) per game, and the loser spent ‘whole’ 3 minutes! However, after this painful defeat Matthew was able to draw the correct conclusions, gathered himself and finished the tournament with three victories in a row. Unfortunately, an intriguing final round did not take place: Sophie who was Matthew’s rival in the fight for the first place could not come to the camp on Friday and missed the last game. As a result, she shared the second and third place with Yisrael Moshe.
In Section 4 victory shared Thomas, Vidur and Michael D. In Section 5 Alexis took first place Sam - second, and Dennis - third.
Best in Chess Groups:
Coach Max - Daniel K.
Coach Tanya - Yisrael Moshe
This week, our students did a great job in the Problem Solving Competition. Especially well in Section U700:  among 8 members, only one did not try his hand at this contest. As a result of the four-day race: in the Open Section Maurice and Kai finished with the same score - not even a photo finish revealed a sole winner. Alexander won most popular Section U700, and Sam and Debra shared 1st place in Unrated Section. In Max's Master Camp best solver was Sasha. Persistent Sasha also won Survival in Simul Competition in Max’s Master Camp.
In Day Camp winners of this contest are:
Open Section: Sophie
U700: Daniel H.
Unrated: Andrew and Alexis.
Best students in their groups, Dennis and Lasal, worked best on chess not only in the camp, but also at home, sharing victory in the category Home Work Winner. And Dennis added to this prize Best Chess Notation Award.
Due to the rainy weather on Friday, we were not able to carry out our sport events; instead we fill it full of fun chess events: in addition to the traditional Team Championship we ran Blitz Tournaments in three sections. Daniel K won in Max’s Master Camp. In Day Camp, Yisrael Moshe was out of competition winning Open Section with 10 out of 10 points! Kai took second place, Eric – third. Vidur took 1st place In Section U800, Lasal was second Maurice - third. In Max's Group during the week there was one final blitz, in which Josh and Daniel K shared 1st place.
Team ‘Super Mario Bros.’, fully equipped by students from Day Camp: Matthew (captain), Kai, Aron, Maurice, won Team Championship.
Due to the above mentioned weather conditions we were not able to organize a Relay Race Competition, but other sports activities in Week 7 have been successfully conducted in the first four days of the week. The best in the Sport Groups are:
Age Group 2000 and olderAlexander
Age Group 2002AEric
Age Group 2002BSasha
Age Group 2003Greg
Age Group 2004Dennis
Age Group 2005-2006 - Andrew
Master Camp: Daniel K. and Josh
Day Camp: Michael S. and David R.
Winners in Soccer Competition:
Boys – Kai, juniors - Matthew
Alexander earned Best Effort Award (prize for the hard work and perseverance)
Phil P was Most Disciplined in all of our daily trips to sporting venues and won the nomination Swag Walker. Miles in a bitter struggle with the four worthy competitors won Healthy Lunch prize.
Yisrael Moshe, the first singer of our camp, won Music Award. Best craftsmen of Full Day Camp and therefore winner of Art Contest Award was precocious responsible and smart Matthew.
This week, Jeff, our Art Teacher, had introduced to some of the students a new board game: a curious kind of chess in which one game played by four players simultaneously. Fights on four-way board were severe and very animated! We can only be happy that chess, despite its long history, is still fresh, diverse and entertaining. Play chess, and you will never be bored!

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