2012 ICA Summer Fair Lawn Master Camp Report Week # 2
Posted: 7/11/2012 | Updated: 7/11/2012 | Photo | Results

Fair Lawn Master Camp Report Week # 2


Five students participated in the second week of Master Camp. One of the participants – David Rubenfeld - was 500 points higher by rating than other students which made us change the tournament format.  There were four players in the main tournament, while David worked with Sergey on his own program.  That was the first part of the playing program. In the second part, Sergey and David played against Eric, Gilad, Ahron and Daniel in two board simultaneous exhibitions. That was a very tough experience for all and only Eric managed to score half a point against David, and therefore won the main tournament.


In problem solving competition won Ahron (again) with 12 points, ahead of Gilad by 4 points. The tough competition in sports (between Eric and Gilad) was resolved only on the last day, Eric won!


And finally: Blitz! As usual it is the last part of the intense chess program that serves the purpose of revealing the stress and providing some rest. David Rubenfeld won on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but on Thursday he finished in 3rd place. In overall result – David won the BLITZ!


The winners were awarded with chess books on Friday’s award ceremony!  

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