2015 ICA Summer Camp Fair Lawn Week 3
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Week 3 Fair Lawn

The third week of camp was split up into two sections.  The winner for section one was Eric Zheng who by winning proved he deserved to be moved to the Master camp for this week.  The second place winner was Sophie Rasol.

In the section two “scholastic camp” tournament the winner was decided after a tie-break.  The results left Jonathan the lone victor with a tie for second between Phillip and Jane.


The best students in each study group were:

Master Camp(Sergey’s group)-Sophie

Tanya’s Group-Jonathan

Genry’s Group-Eric T.


The Problem solving winner was Jonathan in the Open section and Alex in the (u500).


The participants of the “Survival in a Simul” were showered with gifts this week as there were FOUR! Individual winners.  Gavin, Eric T, Jane (all in the open section) and Mathew (unrated) were each able to outplay the coach with Gavin, Eric T, and Jane doing it twice.


The electricity surrounding the Simul event took away the desire of most to participate in the homework competition and so despite a sharp battle Jane won out against Jonathan.


The master camp blitz tournament winner was Nikita.


Thanks to effective complaining the students of the ICA day camp also got a chance to fight it out in blitz chess. The “rainy day blitz” tournament was organized into two sections: Section one was won by Jonathan, while section two was won by Eric T.


Just like one week ago (and just like in Teaneck that week) the Unicorns of Pink continued their domination of the team events.  The team blitz event was won by the Pretty Pink Unicorns: Jonathan, Eric T, Gavin, and Grant, while the relay race event was won by the Pretty Pink Russian Unicorns: Sophie, Nikita, Phillip, and Mathew.


The dodgeball winners were Gavin for the boys and Jane for the girls.


Eric Z repeated his success from last week once again claiming the title of best Soccer player.



The best winners in each sports group were :

Age 2007 – Jonathan

Age 2005 – Alex

Age 2004 & older – Nikita


The Swag Walker Prize was awarded to Grant while the Healthy Lunch Award to Jonathan.


Jane was able to win the award for both nominations in Art and Music.


Eric T. was the winner for the birthday boy prize.


The Best Team Player for both the Master + Day Camp was Suran.


See everyone next week.




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